LinkTrack is a PNTC (positioning, navigation, timing and communication) local positioning system based on UWB technology. It supports 1D, 2D and 3D positioning, 1D and 2D typical positioning accuracy is 10cm, and 3D typical positioning accuracy is 30cm; it also supports 40 tags and 120 base station positioning. Support distributed ranging and data transmission, realize cluster formation without geographical restrictions; support pure data transmission mode, bandwidth up to 3Mbps.


Typical Positioning Accuracy
Default Node Capacity
Maximum Refresh Rate
Longest Distance
High-Speed Data Transmission
  • Based on UWB (Ultra Wideband) communication technology

  • Integration of positioning, navigation, timing and communication

  • Three modes: local positioning, distributed ranging, and digital transmission

  • The same hardware can be flexibly configured for different roles such as tag and anchor

  • High capacity: 40 tags / 120 anchors / 1 console

  • High-speed low-latency data transmission mode, bandwidth up to 3Mbps

  • Automatic networking with each other

  • One-Key calibration coordinates of anchors

  • Wireless parameter configuration and firmware upgrade

  • Fake GPS support, output NMEA-0183 protocols

  • Built-in three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer

  • Multi-band, adjustable transmission gain


Intelligent Two-way Broadcast

LP Mode

标签测量到基站距离并解算坐标后通过通信接口实时输出,接入机器人、无人机等载体后可实现导航功能。基站、控制台实时同步输出所有标签定位信息,接入终端显示平台实现定位(监测)功能。在定位的同时,标签与基站/控制台支持双向数传通信实现通信功能。每一个标签输出包含统一系统时间,实现同步授时功能。 典型1、2维定位精度10cm,典型第3维定位精度30cm;定位频率为200Hz时,延迟仅5ms;基站容量多达120个,标签容量默认开放200个。

DR Mode

Each node measures the distance to other nodes in real time, and receives data from other nodes. At the same time, it can also transmit its own data to other nodes through the communication interface to achieve ranging and communication functions. The output data content of each node contains a unified system time to achieve synchronous time service. The typical ranging accuracy is 10cm, and when the refresh frequency is up to 200Hz, the delay is only 5ms; at the 10Hz output, the node capacity is up to 50.

DT Mode

Under DT Mode, high-speed, low-latency wireless data transmission can be achieved. The data transmission bandwidth is up to 3Mbps, and the delay is less than 0.5ms.



Mobile Robot Navigation

Robots, unmanned vehicles, drones and other vector navigation and positioning.

Centralized cluster formation

UAV formation performance, unmanned fleet array, multi-robot simulation battle, etc.

Decentralized cluster formation

Swarm drone formation, swarm unmanned vehicle formation, etc.

Motion Track Capture

Athlete trajectory monitoring, automatic tracking lights, etc.

Auto follow system

Automatic follow spot lights, stage performances, figure skating, etc.

Ranging and collision avoidance system

Anti-collision of forklifts, cranes, port trucks, etc.

Geological Hazard Monitoring

Landslide monitoring, soil pit collapse monitoring, bridge deformation monitoring and early warning, etc.

AR/VR interaction

AR, VR and other multi-person interactive scene positioning.

After Sales Support

One-to-one after-sale technical support to reduce the difficulty of development

  • Detailed product manuals, including datasheet and user manuals

  • Software supporting multifunctional data visualization and product configuration

  • Protocol unpack code and ROS package

LinkTrack P-B

  • The longest distance: 500 m
  • Aluminum alloy shell, about 44.8g (without antenna)
  • Have IMU

LinkTrack PS

  • The longest distance: 350 m
  • Without shell, about 3.9 g
  • Without IMU

LinkTrack PS-B

  • The longest distance: 500 m
  • Without shell, about 4.5g
  • Without IMU

LinkTrack PTag

  • The longest distance: 400 m
  • ABS shell, about 4.5g
  • Have IMU

LinkTrack P

  • The longest distance: 500 m
  • Aluminum alloy shell, about 33.3 g (without antenna)
  • Have IMU

LinkTrack SS

  • The longest distance: 80 m
  • Without shell, about 2.9 g
  • Without IMU

LinkTrack S

  • The longest distance: 80 m
  • ABS shell, about 12 g
  • Have IMU

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