UAV formation performance, unmanned fleet array, multi-robot simulation battle, etc.

UAV positioning

In the UAV industry, LinkTrack UWB positioning system is very suitable for GPS signal coverage, insufficient accuracy and refresh frequency, and disabled positioning occasions, such as indoor drone positioning, logistics drone precision landing, tethered drone, bridge Inspection, warehouse inspection, etc.

Trajectory monitoring and capture

The trajectory capture function is often used in the fields of robot motion trajectory analysis, real-time monitoring of car model and aircraft model competition, and stage light tracking. LinkTrack UWB positioning system supports trajectory capture, recording, playback, export and other functions for multiple mobile carriers simultaneously.


Install a label on the following target (assumed to be T0 here), and install two base stations on the left and right sides of the following platform (assumed here are A0 and A1, you can install more base stations) Any base station can output the distance information d0, d1 from T0 to A0, A1 in real time. Through the mathematical geometric relationship, the relative azimuth and distance between the following platform and the current follower can be calculated, so as to realize the follower function.

One-dimensional positioning

The working environment of tunnels, pipelines, highways and other occasions is difficult and harsh. With the development of science and technology, part of the work in these occasions is gradually replaced by robots, such as tunnel inspection. LinkTrack UWB positioning system provides an effective solution. By arranging the base station in the tunnel, the tag installed on the robot can measure the distance to the base station in the signal range in real time, so that the robot can determine the position in the tunnel in real time. The base station can monitor the distance between the tag and the nearby base station in the signal range, and then can monitor the position and trajectory of the robot in real time.