UWB high-precision positioning empowers intelligent warehouse AGV unmanned forklift navigation, including laser Slam positioning comparison

In the warehouse scenario full of columns and stacked materials, based on low-cost UWB positioning technology, can AGV unmanned forklift autonomous navigation be realized? How does it compare with laser Slam positioning? Based on the Nooploop air loop LinkTrack UWB positioning system kit and the high-precision fusion positioning algorithm of Pengkun Zhike, the ammonium sulfate AGV intelligent storage system developed by Shenzhen Pengkun Zhike Technology Co., Ltd. will answer these questions.
In the project, AGV realized automatic storage, automatic filling of pallets, automatic charging operation. Through the collection and transmission integrated photoelectric detection system, the production line signal and the storage system are seamlessly docked, and the goods are accurately inserted through 3D visual inspection; Relying on multi-sensor fusion UWB base station positioning technology (16 LTP-B base stations installed on site, two LTP-BC tags installed on the vehicle), the standardized stacking of goods is completed. Equipped with WMS intelligent warehouse management system, through 5G technology to the cloud, ammonium sulfate warehouse truly realizes the digital intelligent transformation of the warehouse from equipment to system. The project effectively promoted the production and manufacturing reform and digital transformation of the ammonium sulfate plant, realized the cost reduction and efficiency increase of warehouse management, and effectively reduced the labor intensity of front-line workers.
In recent years, Jingtang Ammonium Sulfate Plant has continuously implemented the construction concepts of technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, and digital transformation, combined with 5G, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving robots, big data analysis and other technologies; We will continue to promote the construction of automated production lines, intelligent warehousing systems, digital production management platforms and other goals, which have injected vigorous power into promoting the digital transformation of enterprise production and manufacturing.
Ammonium sulfate storage is an important part of ammonium sulfate production and manufacturing, the current ammonium sulfate storage operation lacks a corresponding management platform, and it is difficult to manage in and out of the warehouse; Ammonium sulfate handling relies on manual forklift operation, the warehouse environment is harsh, the handling process is cumbersome, workers need to work for a long time and high intensity, damage to the production line shipping platform, pallets, and goods occurs from time to time, and the stacking management of goods is also more chaotic, and it is imperative to implement the intelligent transformation of ammonium sulfate warehouse.