TOFSense laser ranging radar third-party information

Ardupilot x Nooploop TOFSense Series

Description: A graphic tutorial of the TOFSense full range of laser ranging sensors based on the ArduPilot open source autopilot platform (APM firmware)

Quick start of TOFSense     Quick start of TOFSense-F     Quick start of TOFSense-M

Description: The use of three series of TOFSense, host computer operation and some usage tips

Tested using TOFSense on NAssistant

Description: How to actually operate TOFSense to connect to the host computer to obtain data and how to solve possible problems

Use of NAssistant Host Computer-TOFSense Series

Description: Introduction to the host computer functions that users will use when using TOFSense, some common problems and solutions

Use of STM32 TOFSense laser ranging module

Description: User experience and communication code display in 2020 Electronic Competition F (standard library)

TOFSense User Manual

Description: Users summarize the use of can mode

Tutorial on distance measurement using TOFSense module of stm32

Description: This user introduces the use of TOFsense, with very detailed code explanation (standard library)