• UWB TOF ranging technology

  • Up to 10cm 3D accuracy

  • Up to 200Hz frequency and 5ms low latency

  • Supports ranging, positioning, data transmission
  • Lightweight deployment

Application: Drones and Robot Navigation,Sports and Recreation, Research and Education…

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  • UWB UL-TDOA and AOA technology

  • Up to 10-30cm accuracy

  • Ultra-low power consumption for tag

  • High system reliability

  • Centralized server management

Application: Smart Factory, Warehouse Logistics, Safety Construction, Power Plant…

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  • UWB DL-TDOA technology

  • Up to 10-30cm accuracy

  • 5-10 years of extended battery life for uBeacon

  • Wiring Free, Low Deployment Cost

  • Support GNSS/RTK indoor and outdoor fusion positioning

Application: Digital Cultural Tourism, Supermarket and Library, Hospitals and Nursing Homes, TransportationHub…

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Intelligent Agent Navigation

such as navigation and pathplanning.

Intelligent agents such as drones, robots, andunmanned vehicles
provide high-precisionpositioning data to achieve intelligentfunctions

Research and Education

and positioning, Internet of Things, Al, etc. to explore cutting-edge

Open APl interfaces and collaborate with research institutions
and universities in the fields of robotics and automation, navigation

Digital Cultural Tourism

device interaction.

Provide precise positioning information for promoting exhibition halls,
museums, exhibition centers, and other occasions to achieve intelligent

Supermarkets and Chain Stores

goods positioning

Implement intelligent shopping guidance for supermarket shopping cart
positioning, and analyze data and behavior of chain store operators and

Smart Factory

Monitor the real-time position of forklifts,personnel, and equipment to
achieve leanmanagement and safe operations

Warehouse Logistics

Positioning goods and assets to achieveaccurate and efficient
management ofinbound and outbound operations.

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